Problem in starting innd

Ajitesh Bhowmick abhowmick02 at
Tue Jan 15 09:33:59 UTC 2002

I have installed INN 2.3.2 and when i start server  by giving  : # su - news -c /usr/local/news/bin/
It starts saying :
Starting innd.
Scheduled start of /usr/local/news/bin/innwatch.

I dont get any error but when i try to connect through telnet i get error of connection refused.
and when i try to stop the server by giving the command :
 # su - news -c `/usr/local/news/bin/ stop`
I get the follwing error :
No file; did server die?
Can't send "shutdown" command (sendto failure) No such file or directory.
innd:: Stopping: command not found

Can anyone help what problem exactly it is and why innd is not starting, help is required as iam unable to proceed with my job. Thanks in advance.

- Ajitesh.

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