My news server isn't downloading any news

Chris Davis df at
Tue Jan 15 20:12:03 UTC 2002

Hey, thanks for the help, does anything below help at all?

~news/log/news has no " - "'s listed, an example of what most of the
entries look like: Jan 15 14:42:41.316 +
<uq%08.292991$m05.24393824 at> 316296

Here is my peer entry in incoming.conf:
peer {

And again in innfeed.conf:
peer ziplink {
        max-connections:        10
        streaming:              true

I've got everything setup as CNFS, with my overview method being

I'll be calling my Peer shortly, but I wanted to run these by you just
to make sure they're correct.

Thanks for all your help also, I'm ready to get this thing running.

I can post any of my conf/log files to a website if you want to check


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On Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Chris Davis wrote:

> I'm running the newest stable release, 2.3.2, and it's not pulling
> very many headers at all.

Note by the way that there are the STABLE nightly releases which you can
get off the ftp site (the future 2.3.3, essentially).  I don't think
that's your problem though.

> From what I can tell, the server is accepting news, but when I update 
> the groups list only a few groups show to have articles.  After
> the group itself, nothing shows up except articles I've posted myself.

Well, INN does not download news on its own.  So you're getting news in
one of two ways:

1. you have someone feeding you
2. you're using a program to "suck" news off of another server

you ought to be able to tell by looking at incoming.conf (if there's
anything other than the local machine listed, it's probably 1).  Then
there are two potential problems:

A. the articles are being rejected/refused by INN (you can check this by
   examining ~news/log/news and seeing if there are many many lines with
   " - " in them)

B. the articles are never making it to INN

To fix A, you should look at the reasons listed in ~news/log/news and
see what's wrong (probably incoming.conf misconfiguration).  To fix B,
in case 1, you need to contact your peer; in case 2 you need to examine
the configuration of your other program.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
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