Large file support for Linux?

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Wed Jan 16 10:31:55 UTC 2002

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Day Dreamer  <jmansukh at> wrote:
>This may be a silly question.  I was wondering if
>there is a way to enable large file support (>2GB) on
>RedHat Linux 7.x for INN 2.3?

You need to run a recent 2.4 kernel and glibc 2.2.x. Then configure
INN with large file support, recompile, install.

I haven't had much luck with this though. The history dbz files are
much bigger due to the 64 bit file offset they need to store, and
INN likes to keep them in memory. Add to that that the 2.4 kernels
*still* have lots of problems with VM.

In my case I had a feeder with ~70GB of CNFS file store and 7 days
of history on a 1 GB box and 1 GB wasn't enough - the machine went
into 500 GB of swap and got dead-slow. Expire took more than a day.

I went back to a non-LFS INN, that helped.


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