innxmit strange behavior

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at
Thu Jan 17 14:06:01 UTC 2002

I need to transfer all articles from a particular newsgroup from one
machine to another. I compiled my list of articles from the history file
on the origin server(INN 2.2.1), and fed the batchfile to innxmit for
transfer to the destination server (INN 2.3.2).

The strangeness is the fact that on the origin server, several of the
articles contain threads, however the threads didn't get copied over to
the destination server.

Any ideas why? Here's my methodology:

On origin server:

perl -ne '($a,$b,$_) = split " "; print "$_\n" if ($_ =~
/corp\.jobs\-avail/)' history| tr / . > /newspool/outgoing/list
innxmit <server> list

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