odd cnfs buffersize problem

Tommy van Leeuwen tommy at support.nl
Tue Jan 22 17:50:46 UTC 2002


I've just installed 2.3.2 on a fresh server and run into a weird problem
for which i have no idea where to look for.

Our cycbuff.conf has entries like:


Which suggests 1 gig buffers, however cnfsstat reports:

 Buffer b01, size:  1.54 GBytes, position:  1.04 MBytes  0.00 cycles
 Buffer b02, size:  1.54 GBytes, position:  1.07 MBytes  0.00 cycles
 Buffer b03, size:  1.54 GBytes, position:  1.07 MBytes  0.00 cycles

I've initialized the buffers with dd bs=1024 count=1000 

We have tried raw cnfsbuffers but for 4gig drives the size reported by
cnfsstat was only 242 mb. 

I think there's something really wrong somewhere, but don't know what
where or how. We're using linux 2.4.17 (on debian pre 3.0).

Any suggestions?

Thank you!

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