innfeed logging to errlog

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Jan 23 03:48:50 UTC 2002

Nathan Coraor <nate at> writes:

> I searched through the list archive and found that this topic had been
> brought up before, but I'm not sure if it's been resolved.

> Every time innfeed reloads, it dumps a line to errlog, even though
> innfeed.conf defines the logfile as innfeed.log:

> Tue Jan 22 13:37:24 2002 innfeed: loading /var/news/etc/innfeed.conf
> Tue Jan 22 15:23:47 2002 innfeed: loading /var/news/etc/innfeed.conf

> Katsuhiro Kondou replied, saying:

> Just read innfeed/misc.c again and found how this comes.  In
> that case which means '-C' is not specified, logOrPrint() is
> called with NULL fp.  It pushes log message both to stderr
> and syslog.  This is not the case for CURRENT, and this is
> why I've misread.  I'll try to fix.

> Does this mean it's a bug?

I consider it a bug, yeah.  Patches to fix it would be great.

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