wrong entries in news.notice file

kajan kajan at singnet.com.sg
Wed Jul 3 10:22:07 UTC 2002

Hi Katsuhiro Kondou,

Thank ou for the mail.

I have following lines in the news.notice file. There are no related lines
above or below these lines.

1)ine innfeed[27675]: ME articles total 2487 bytes 406073428 (ine is half of
the server name)
2)sleep can't read response : Success
3) read response : Success
4) 't read response : Success
5) 6526 accepted 2100 refused 3 rejected 1300
6) e innfeed[27675]:xxxx.xxx.xxxx.net:10 connected
7) 03:54 server1 nnrpd[31349]: ad202.1xxx.xx.xxx.xxxxx.xxx.xx connect

I am getting around 5000 messages like this a day.

Thanks & regards


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> In article <005001c220af$55143af0$d86415a5 at singtelk>,
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> } Yes. Log files also has this truncated lines.
> I'd like to see how it looks like.  Can you show
> us part of them as a sample?
> --
> Katsuhiro Kondou

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