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> } I guess its timehash :o)
> Right.
> } I have no idea about the overview method though. Where would I check it?
> You should find it in inn.conf(ovmethod).
> } ps, this is an redhat 7.2 RPM install, so almost everything is set to
those } defaults.
> I assume tradindexed if it's default setting.

That it is.

> Then, it's necessary to backup under $pathoverview,
> $pathdb and $patharticles for your case.

pathdb:                 /var/lib/news
patharticles:           /var/spool/news/articles
pathoverview:           /var/spool/news/overview

Once I've reinstalled it, what will I need to change to stop it expiring
posts? I'd like to keep them idefinately if possible.
Does that line in expire.ctl do it?

Thanks again

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