FreeBSD & setproctitle() info-advise

Matus "fantomas" Uhlar uhlar at
Mon Jul 15 15:26:32 UTC 2002


setproctitle() on FreeBSD has such (lame behaviour) that it prepends and
appends process title to arguments passed to it. 

So with the line:

    TITLEset("nnrpd: accepting connections");

which will turn to:

    setproctitle("%s %s", ClientHost, what);

the result looks this way:

news 80998  0.0  0.4  3644 1576  ??  INs   5:12PM   0:00.00 nnrpd:  nnrpd: accepting connections (nnrpd)

I think this feature of FreeBSD's setproctitle() sucks, but I'd like to have
workaround for this. I recommend: 
1. avoid 'nnrpd: ' string in the begin of messages
2. put '-' as first char of messages

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