INN snapshots broken

Forrest J. Cavalier III mibsoft at
Mon Jul 15 15:48:19 UTC 2002

The Doctor <doctor at> wrote:

> Do we have a backup plan?

CVSup is best.  If you don't want to/can't use CVSup, and still
to keep up to date with -CURRENT, you can use the HTTPsync
utility against the tree at:
(The copy there is updated using CVSup every 2 hours.)

HTTPsync is a Free (libre) and free (no cost) simple C utility that
runs on Windows and Unix.  Get it from
or the July 1999 issue of Dr. Dobb's Journal.

Then all you need to do to synchronize is make sure your network can
connect to port 80 of  Just run:
    httpsync @

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