odd nnrpd memory usage

inn-workers at 2bb49e3f.mozone.net inn-workers at 2bb49e3f.mozone.net
Tue Jul 16 06:29:29 UTC 2002

So, I decided to try something out for grins, I changed nnrpdcheckart
to false.  And this is the result of LISTGROUP :

58634 24.8 2.8 205812 29228 p0 SN+ 11:21PM 0:09.28 nnrpd: stdin LISTGROUP (nnrpd)

58634  0.0 2.8 205812 29148 p0 IN+ 11:21PM 0:09.28 nnrpd: stdin LISTGROUP (nnrpd)

So, perhaps this is isn't related to the overview, but instead the
ARTinstorebytoken(), and SMretrieve()s in this case.  Although looking
at the code suggests that there really isn't a whole lot going on for
RETR_STAT mode, because the cnfs_retrieve() calls end fairly quickly.


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