nnrpd problems

Slava Filimonov slava at corp.earthlink.net
Wed Jul 17 00:33:53 UTC 2002

Hello Russ,

I can't post to the inn-workers at isc.org due to blocking rules @isc.org

  I have problems with nnrpd 2.3.3 on both solaris/tru64 systems,
both tradindexed/buffindexed over NFS-mounted CNFS spools and
overview for both inn/ and nnrpd machine. CNFS are 64x16GB files,
ovdb - 9x2GB (slighly less then 2gb each)

Occurs on some of the gourps - XOVER starts sending index and
closes connection before finishing all index.

On tru64 signal caught and nnrpd exits.
On solaris signal is not caught - process terminated.
truss nnrpd on solaris shows SIGV_MMAPERR.

Best regards,

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