INN 2.3 Outgoing feed woes

Katsuhiro Kondou Katsuhiro_Kondou at
Mon Jul 22 22:53:49 UTC 2002

In article <F96D0EA09922B541BFBE438DA29EAC170AC5DC at>,
	"Lou Rabon" <lrabon at> wrote;

} find and at this point I'm sure I'm overlooking something extremely
} I need to enlist the help of the community.
} Jul 22 16:33:05 cheetah innd: innfeed exit 1 elapsed 0 pid 21660
} Jul 22 16:33:05 cheetah innd: innfeed:19:proc:21660 closed

You seem to fail running innfeed.  Have you examined the
syntax of innfeed.conf?  You should be able to do it by
'innfeed -C'.
Katsuhiro Kondou

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