missing articles on outbound feed

inn-workers at 2bb49e3f.mozone.net inn-workers at 2bb49e3f.mozone.net
Tue Jul 23 22:10:42 UTC 2002

On Tue, Jul 23, 2002 at 12:51:16PM -0500, Sara wrote:
> offered went missing.   The umsup server also runs INN 2.3.3 and is
> Jul 23 17:37:34 ftnewsm innfeed[26796]: umsup checkpoint seconds 1800
> offered 11742 accepted 0 refused 0 rejected 0 missing 11742 accsize 0
> rejsize 0 spooled 0 on_close 0 unspooled 0 deferred 0/0.0 requeued 0 queue
> 0.0/200:100,0,0,0,0,0
odd. what do your newsfeeds and innfeed.conf entries for umsup look
like?  also, did you manually verify that you *can* get to umsup from
the ftnewsm server?  try this:

# telnet umsup 119
Connected to umsup.
Escape character is '^]'.
200 umsup InterNetNews Server INN 2.3.3 (...) ready

after that, type 'mode stream' and look a the response, it should
be '203 StreamOK.'.  Then issue a 'check <foo$bar$baz at foobarbaz.com>'
and see how long it takes to respond.  If it takes too long to
respond, then there's an issue on the umsup server.


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