Articles not sent (repost)

bill davidsen davidsen at
Thu Jul 25 11:26:17 UTC 2002

I'm using an INN machine as a numbering master, and several times a
day I see a problem that an article comes into the master, the "news"
log shows that it is queued for many distribution machines and a few
internal reader machines, and the article never is accepted by any host.

Additional checking shows that it is present and uncanceled on the
master, and the directly connected machines are a mixture of
AIX/Linux/Solaris o/s running INN/earthquake/cyclone apps. So the
chances of a bug on all machines is damn near zero.

Clearly the article is present on the master, and for some reason it
never seemed to get properly queued for the feeds. I have a hard time
believing innfeed made a mistake on every feed, and the article can be
happily fed if I retry. But offering all articles more than once is a
big problem in terms of load, it's a pretty full feed and I only have a
Gbit outgoing.

inn-CURRENT-20020611. I have inn-CURRENT-20020717 built, but unless
there's a known problem in innfeed or queueing I'd rather not change.

Sorry if this went out the first time, I got an odd error.
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