inn hiding news

Roland Hoesch roland.hoesch at
Sun Jul 28 23:22:00 UTC 2002

I'm running inn-2.3.2-53 on SuSE 8.0.
I can post news from inside my local net and from outside. That works fine. 
But when someone from inside or outside my local domain wants to read the 
news, he can only read those news, which were posted from inside the domain.
When I look into the /var/spool/news/articles directory all news -also those 
from a external sender- are to be seen. But nevertheless they are not 
readable by any news client we tried (mozilla on win, knode, mozilla on 
linux, outlook express).
In my reader.conf I allow any access (that'a no problem for me, because only 
few people have access to my newsserver via a ssh tunnel):

auth full {
     hosts:      "*"
     default:    <LOCAL>

access full {
       newsgroups:    "*"
       access:        RPA

What did I miss? 
Any help appreciated.
Thanks Roland

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