ovdb.c warning with INN 2.3.3 and BerkeleyDB

Antoine Delvaux antoine.delvaux at belnet.be
Mon Jun 3 09:56:27 UTC 2002

> > ovdb.c: In function `ovdb_open_berkeleydb':
> > ovdb.c:697: warning: passing arg 2 of pointer to function from
> > incompatible pointer type
> I can't reproduce that warning (what compiler are you using?), but I'm
> pretty sure you can ignore it.  If you like, see if it can be fixed by
> changing line 350 of storage/ovdb/ovdb.c from
> static void OVDBerror(char *db_errpfx, char *buffer)
> to
> static void OVDBerror(const char *db_errpfx, char *buffer)
> and if so I can commit that change.

That's working, the warning has gone away.  The compiler I'm using is 
'gcc version 2.96 20000306 (experimental)' under Solaris 8.

> > having trouble with INN crashing very often
> Really?  Anything in the logs?

Not much in the logs.  Sometimes the problem seems to be related to the 
writing of an article reference in the overview database, sometimes not.  
We've seen an error log stating something like 'error on DB put for 
article xyz', but unfortunately I havn't a copy of such a log now.

After every crash INN tries to rebuild the overview database, but it 
seldom succeed.  Does ovdb_recover is doing the same job as db_recover 
from the BerkeleyDB directory ?  Sometimes it seems this last one is 
better at handling the recovering...

Any help or suggestion to trace this problem is much appraciated.



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