Monthly summaries

Russell S. Ireland irelandr at
Tue Jun 4 22:37:37 UTC 2002

I have been asked to come up with various monthly statistics for a few inn 
servers that I babysit.  Right now I am looking for number of posts and number 
of reads per server.

Is my best option going to be to write a script that does a monthly add of 
values found in each day's innreport output (news-notice.2002.05.*)?

Because these are internal groups and we are using a master with several 
slaves and a few peers, it looks like the number of posts for each slave or 
peer server as reported on the master is the number of accepted under incoming 
feeds.  Is that true?

And, for reads...  Are the numbers given for articles or newsgroup request 
counts actual reads?  Or just header downloads?

Are there options for innreport that will give me what I want?

Are there other inn reporting tools available?  What are they?


Russell S.  Ireland 

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