inconsistency between expireover and expire logs at expire.log

ali mutlu aydin alimutluaydin at
Thu Jun 6 00:52:02 UTC 2002

>} i run "news.daily delayrm expireover lowmark" daily and  expiring log is
>} arised at expire.log file. according to log records, expireover has
>} processed less article lines than expire has processed...expireover has
>} processed about 250000 and expire has processed about 500 000...
>} there is big discrepancy.. is there any problem? if there is, how can i
>} solve this there a problem at spool?
>} not: there is group base expiring.
>Which version are you running?
>Katsuhiro Kondou
runing inn 2.3.2 on slackware...
                   ali mutlu aydin

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