Fwd: inn corrupted newsgroup

Frank Dekervel kervel-inn at drie.kotnet.org
Thu Jun 6 01:24:16 UTC 2002


i am having trouble with a local newsgroup (about 2700 posts now):
a newsclient (mozilla) report 88000 new messages every time i check for new
articles in the newsgroup. no new articles are downloaded however. other news
clients (knode, all versions) just crash.

i got this problem after i manually edited the active file because some old
posts on other newsgroup disappeared (they were still in the spool, but the
active file listed the wrong post as 'first active post' in the ng (field 3),
and the overview database didn't contain those older articles. so i stopped
the newsserver, and i edited field 3 in active of those groups to '1'. After
that i remade history and overview with
/usr/lib/news/bin/makehistory -b -f history -O -F
/usr/lib/news/bin/makedbz -i -f history

that seemed to resolve the problem with those newsgroups, but now i seem to
have a new one.

is there anything i did wrong, or is there anything i can try to fix ? is
there something (besides taking server offline and killing all processes
owned by 'news') i have to do to prevent corruption when rebuilding
history/overview ?

as far as i could see an old corrupted database should get corrected after
rebuilding, but am i wrong here ?

thanks a lot in advance,

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