problem with expiring and emmergency at spool...

ali mutlu aydin alimutluaydin at
Tue Jun 11 22:20:58 UTC 2002

>ali mutlu aydin <alimutluaydin at> writes:
>>my server storage capacity is smaal. my server handles only comp.* 
>>moderated gruops were expired at 25 days but i change that to 20 days and
>>others were expired at 20 days but i change that to 15 days. After that
>>spool (size) did not become smaller . What is reason of this situation?

>What storage method are you using?

>>when %94 of storage capacity was used, according to logs,expireover had
>>processed about 250 000 articles and expire had processed 500 000. After
>>that i changed expire.ctl by reducing expiring period. Now according to
>>logs, expireover has processed about 195 000 articles and expire has
>>processed 595 000..

>That's fairly normal.  All those expired articles are still being retained
>in your history file.  You may want to check /remember/ in expire.ctl and
>possibly reduce it somewhat (making the matching reduction to artcutoff in
>How long has the server been running and accepting articles?  And what
>storage capacity is nearly full, overview or the regular spool?  What
>overview method are you using?
regular spool is nearly full. overview method is tradindexed

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