cnfs problems

Sean Dougherty sean at
Thu Jun 13 19:07:46 UTC 2002

I am trying to convert to cnfs, I get the following two errors, depending 
on whether I have one storage area or multiple ones listed in storage.conf.

If I have one then I get this error in news.err:

>Jun 13 13:18:51 news innd: CNFS-sm: file '/var/news/cnfs-cycbuffs/ALT'
>does notI have modified both storage.conf and cycbuff.conf exist, ignoring
>'ALT' cycbuff Jun 13 13:18:51 news innd: SM storage method 'cnfs' failed
>Jun 13 13:18:51 news innd: SM one or more storage methods failed 

Yes I have double checked the existence of '/var/news/cnfs-cycbuffs/ALT' 
and it is there and it is owned with a chmod of 664.  By the 
way I created the file useing the "dd" method outlined in the man page of 

If I enable multiple storage areas in storage.conf I get this error in 

>Jun 13 13:29:10 news innd: SM Unknown keyword in method declaration, line 
>29: * 

Below is both the storage.conf I am using and the cycbuff.conf I am 
using, any light that can be shed onto what I am doing wrong is appreciated.

method cnfs {
        newsgroups: alt.binaries.*
        class: 0
        options: BINARIES 

method cnfs {
        newsgroups: alt.*
        class: 1
        options: ALT 

method cnfs {
        newgroups: *
        class: 2
        options: NONALT





I edited out all the comments, and I have also shown the version that 
have multiple storage areas.  To get one storage area I comment out 
everything but BINARIES

Thanks for any help you might have.

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