overview terminology

Russell S. Ireland irelandr at btv.ibm.com
Fri Jun 14 19:31:12 UTC 2002

I am somewhat confused by some descriptions used in a few of the inn man pages.

	Makedbz rebuilds dbz(3) database."

So what is the actual datbase?  The history file?  The overview directory 

	It can also be used to rebuild the overview
       database.  Note that the dbz(3) indexes for the history
       file are rebuilt by makedbz(8), not by makehistory as in
       earlier versions of INN."

So if I have placed a tarball of another server's articles on my new server, 
do I need to run makedbz AND makehistory to get a current history and 
overview?  Or is makehistory -O -F -f history.n sufficient?

	"WARNING: If you're trying to rebuild the overview
       database, be sure to delete or zero out the existing
       database before you start for the best results.  Other-
       wise, you may end up with problems like out-of-order
       overview entries, excessively large overview buffers, and
       the like"

Again, the use of "database" seems ambiguous.  I would love to heed this 
warning, so what exactly do I delete or zero out?  Which file(s)?


Russell S.  Ireland 

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