Help with "list newsgroups" issued by newsreader client

Boryan Yotov yotov at
Tue Jun 25 12:06:57 UTC 2002

Hello, all

	I have the following problem with INN (I checked first both the FAQ and 
configuration files but found out nothing - maybe I didn't check what is 

	When I try to list the available newsgroups before authenticating the user 
on the server using both ways:
	- telnet newsserver.yyy.zzz nntp
	- via newsreader like Mozilla
	i couldn't list the newsgoups on the server.
	If I connect from the localhost or after authenticating there is no problem 
with listing the newsgroups.

	I've settup the readers.conf file in the following way:
	- all permissions e.g. POST and READ are grant to localhost without been 
authorized e.g. no authentications are need
	-  there are also few user accounts each of them supplied with password. I 
use ckpasswd in readers.conf to authenticate them and after this is 
succesfully done., READ and POST permission are granted to them.
	- finaly all users and host which are not recognized or failed to 
authenticate are rejected to READ or POST to the newsgroups at all.

	This is all I need with one exception: I need unauthenticated users 
(currently host) to be able to list the available groups, but not to post and 
read them before authenticating.

	It seems like localhost could do this without authentication.
	I thougth that's because in readers.conf for host "localhost" are granted 
READ and POST permission without authentication. But I tried the same for an 
other computer which has connection to the newsserver and I failed to list 
the newsgroups before authentication.

	And the worst thing is that for example Mozzila News Reader first tries to 
list the newsgroup and when you choose to subcribe to one of them it ask you 
for user name and password. But in my case the newsgroup list wan't be issued 
before authentication.

	I'm sure the problem is very obvious and easy to resolve but currently I'm 
not an INN Guru and what I found out in FAQ and man pages didn't help me a 
	:) So please If anyone has a solution on this problem send it to me :)
	And sorry for my English.

Boryan Yotov


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