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Russ Allbery rra at
Fri Mar 1 04:36:12 UTC 2002

bill davidsen <davidsen at> writes:

> The overview to header feed trick solved my problem of delay from boot
> to useful, I can't think of a good way to bring a new machine online
> other than that.

> innd would make a good caching slave, but it would take a large
> investment of time to get it working, initialize the overview, and do
> caching fetching. On the other hand the SM can be what you will, and
> there's no reason why it can't chain if the article isn't online. If I
> had time (or funding, which is the same thing), I'd love to write the
> pieces, assuming that people like the idea and would agree that it
> should be mainline when working.

I definitely think something like that should be included in INN.  I don't
think it would actually be *too* hard to write.  There are basically two
steps, one being to write an NNTP storage backend and the second being to
work out how to stack storage backends so that one first tries one backend
and then another.  The trick with writing the NNTP storage backend,
however, is that it needs the message ID, which would require some
reworking of INN's storage mechanism.

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