innxmit articles from 2.2 machine => 2.3.2 machine

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at
Sat Mar 2 01:01:08 UTC 2002

On Friday 01 March 2002 19:50, Jeffrey M. Vinocur wrote:
> On Fri, 1 Mar 2002, Steven Sesar wrote:
> > Since the article in 2.2 don't have a token, ala 2.3.2 how do you use
> > copy arts over to 2.3.2 from 2.2?
> I've never done it, but last I heard the recipe in Russ's FAQ worked on
> 2.2 as well as 2.3 -- are you having a problem with that?

Yeah, I am. 

The problem is this:

1. On the transmitting server, I see "connection refused"
2. On the receiving server, I see "articles refused"

The transmitting server, in this case, is a search engine, on which we happen 
to archive the entire local.* hierarchy. Hence, there is a live feed of this 
hierarchy from our reader (receiving server) to the search engine.

A user has requested that be re-populated 
with the articles stored in the spool on the search engine. No problem, 
local.* never expires on the search engine; they're there. And as I pointed 
out above, local.* is successfully fed to the search engine, and has been for 
~5 years.

What puzzles me, is that the logs appear to be inaccurate in this case. It's 
a bit baffling why news.notice would report "connection refused".

I have max-connections defined as 10 on both sides, with each side reporting 
1-2 connections at any given time while I attempt to innxmit the arts over.

Is there another option for moving these articles over, perhaps?

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