innxmit articles from 2.2 machine => 2.3.2 machine

Steven L. Sesar ssesar at
Sat Mar 2 02:22:40 UTC 2002

> The articles are already in the history file on the remote server.  You
> have to get them back out of the history file before you can try again.
> Unfortunately, it really sucks if something goes wrong on the first try
> and you're feeding a running system, since the easy way (just erasing the
> history file) will obviously hose a production system.
> The entries will expire out of history after the /remember/ period in
> expire.ctl.

Yup. You're probably right. EEEK! How do you extrapolate/associate a 
message-id from a 2.3.2 history file:

[BBFB0B51A92AEDE62B396A24CB85F5A0]      1010214273~-~1010214271 


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