[INN-COMMITTERS] inn/storage (Makefile)

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Mon Mar 4 01:48:53 UTC 2002

Jeffrey M Vinocur <jeff at litech.org> writes:

> Hrm.  `make depend` in storage/ovdb, with USE_BERKELEY_DB undefined,
> removes ovdb-private.h from the dependencies for ovdb.c

> I'm not sure what the right solution is here.

Yeah, and make depend in nnrpd without USE_SSL defined doesn't pick up all
of the right dependencies.  I wonder if we should reorder things in those
files a bit to make dependency tracking a bit easier.

Anyway, I hacked up a partial solution for the ovdb frontend programs in
frontends; will that same approach work in ovdb?  (Basically, always pass
-DUSE_BERKELEY_DB to gcc when generating dependencies.)

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