Readers Cannot see headers

Franco, Ruben rufranco at
Wed Mar 6 22:30:45 UTC 2002

	My users can see the newsgroup names and apparently can post but
they cannot see of the article that have been posted within the newsgroups.
I've checked the "articles" directory and there are messages posted.  The
directory permissions are set to "755".  When users try to retrieve message
headings, from any newsgroup the reader does not list any messages but does
not give any kind of error.

	In the "news.notice" log I see something similar to the following
message when a user tries to retrieve new headers:

"<user's IP address> connect 
<user's IP address> group <> 0"

	I assume this means that zero articles exist, but I know that there
are articles under the newsgroups being accessed.

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