Readers Cannot see headers

Franco, Ruben rufranco at
Mon Mar 11 20:53:48 UTC 2002

Current Status:

	Users can run readers (Free Agent/Outlook Express) to list news
groups, and post to newsgroups but they cannot read messages posted or even
see headers (readers show zero message posted on all groups).  I've check
the "articles" directories and there are articles on the server.

OS: RedHat 7.2
INN: 2.3.2 Rel. 5

readers.conf settings:
auth "local" [
	hosts: "*.my.domain, 999.999.*"
	default: "<local>@my.domain"

access "local" {
	users: "<local>@my.domain"
	newsgroups: "*"

inn.conf settings:

ovmethod:  tradindexed
enableoverview: true

Is there another configuration file or a section I need to examine more

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ovmethod is set to "tradindexed"

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On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Franco, Ruben wrote:

> What types of overviews are there?

Respectfully, can I ask you to try to make use of the documentation?
There is a file called INSTALL which explains in great detail how to get
your news server running.  For example, there's a section that begins like

    If your news server will be supporting readers, you'll also need to
    choose an overview storage mechanism (by setting ovmethod in inn.conf).
    There are three overview mechanisms to choose from:

and then it goes on to tell you about them so you can choose the write
one, and tells you how to set it up.

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