Gunther Nitzsche gnitzsche at netcologne.de
Thu Mar 28 16:18:04 UTC 2002


an update for my last email:

bash-2.03$ buffindexed alt.callahans
GROUPheader->freelist.recno is 19548(0x00004c5c)
base 64989(1), cur 99835(3), expired at Thu Mar 28 03:10:07 2002

alt.callahans: low is 729955, high is 735467, count is 5332, flag is 'y'
ovopensearch failed for group alt.callahans
bash-2.03$ buffindexed control.cancel
GROUPheader->freelist.recno is 19548(0x00004c5c)
base 179326(3), cur 230586(2), expired at Thu Mar 28 04:02:07 2002

control.cancel: low is 31108829, high is 31977780, count is 349459, flag is 'y'
ovopensearch failed for group control.cancel

may be this helps somehow?

best greetings,

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