parsing all headers for cleanfeed

Russ Allbery rra at
Thu Mar 28 23:27:32 UTC 2002

Marco d'Itri <md at Linux.IT> writes:

> Which is the best way to patch INN to pass all headers to the perl
> filter?

> I think an option to configure this would be very useful, many sites
> have CPU time to spare on their filtering boxes and many non standard
> headers would be useful to identify some attacks.

The long-term ideal is for the Perl filter to be able to specify the list
of headers that it wants, or all if it wants all of them, and for INN to
satisfy that request.  Just providing all of them may not be too hard,
though, although one thing to be aware of is what to do with repeated

Basically, INN's internal header parsing would need to be decoupled from
the code that loads the headers into a hash for Perl.

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