Posing Xref header

Support support at obantec.net
Fri Mar 29 18:50:05 UTC 2002


news:a826f8$523$1 at proteus2.obanworld.net

which is not the IP the server is supposed to be bound to.
It got that ID from hosts file i assume is HOSTNAME is proteus2

however by changing the hosts i can get
news:a827ff$5e0$1 at proteus2.obantec.net

which is close but i expected @news.obantec.net since i set innd.conf with

domain: obantec.net
pathhost:               news.obantec.net
server:  news.obantec.net
bindaddress:  (the IP of news.obantec.net) not proteus2.obantec.net or

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> } Now just need to resolve why posting messageID does not match expected.
> } bit more reading to do)
> What the Message-ID looks like?
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