configuring reader server

kajan kajan at
Tue May 14 16:57:57 UTC 2002

Hi all,

Thank you fo the reply.

> On Tue, 14 May 2002, kajan wrote:
> > service nntp
> > {
> >         server          = /usr/local/etc/nnrpd
> >         server_args     = -D
> You don't want to use the -D flag, that tells nnrpd that *it* is
> responsible for listening on the socket, whereas in your configuration
> xinetd is responsible for that.

After removing the server_args, I am able to connect to telnet to port 119 &
I am able to subscribe to
the news groups & view the articles.

> > Also is putting the following line in syslog.conf & restarting the
> > daemon is enough to activate the logging?
> Assuming those are tabs between the fields, yes.  Are you not seeing any
> log messages?

No. I am not able to see any log messages in news.notice.
By I can see the entries in /var/log/messages file.

Also now I am not able to post new articles though this reader server while
I am able to post through the innd server.
The message did not appear in the reader software even after 3 hour.
But /var/log/messages file says  "post ok".


" I have one server (server1) for receiving & sending articles to upstream
news provider & to store all the articles.

I have two reader servers & I have configured them to mount the
/usr/local/news & var/spool/news volumes from the server1.

I have copied the nnrpd file from /usr/local/news/bin to /usr/local/etc."

Also My /var/log/messages file shows the following:

nnrpd[1596]: post ok <abrddq$1hs$1 at localhost.localdomain>

Why the my domain name is not there.

I did not put any thing for nnrpdposthost: in inn.conf.

Do I have to copy innwatch also into /usr/local/etc directory?

Thanks & regards


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