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} Please can you explain me what the numbers  means ?
} ME time 60074 idle 1370(16248) artwrite 31691(779) artlink 0(0) hiswrite 5107(1072) hissync 10(107) sitesend 107(1887) artctrl 252(37) artcncl 251(37) hishave 61(4394) hisgrep 4(37) perl 0(0) overv 0(0) python 0(0)

This one is made by innd;

time: total time since last measurement
idle: wait time at select()
artwrite: time to write article
artlink: time to liking article file
hiswrite: time to write history
hissync: time to execute dbzsync()
sitesend: time to hand article info defined in newsfeeds
artctrl: time to process control message except cancel
artcncl: time to process cancel
hishave: time to look up history
hisgrep: time to execute dbzfetch()
perl: time to process perl filter
overv: time to write overview data
python: time to process python filter

The unit is msec, and the number quoted by parenthesis
shows the number of execution.

}  checkpoint seconds 2400 offered 40938 accepted 40910 refused 0 rejected 0 missing 13 accsize 4836275900 rejsize 0 spooled 4521 on_close 0 unspooled 0 deferred 0/0.0 requeued 0 queue 147.3/200:0,5,15,19,57,4

This one is made by innfeed;

seconds: elapsed time(sec) since connection to the peer
offered: the number of offered article
accepted: the number of accepted article
refused: the number of refused article(article is
         not sent)
rejected: the number of rejected article(article is
missing: article in the spool is not found
accsize: total size of accepted article
rejsize: total size of rejected article
spooled: the number of spooled articles(those will
         be sent later)
on_close: the number of unsent articles due to closing
unspooled: the number of articles picked up from the batch
deferred: the number of deferred by the peer
requeued: the number of spooled article which is picked up
          from the batch
queue: sorry I don't understand

Katsuhiro Kondou

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