Problems with inn restore - old messages not appearing

inndiepedant inndiepedant at
Mon May 20 20:09:06 UTC 2002

I'm attempting to restore a server that was running innd standalone, not
peering with anyone. The drive containing the configs and databases was lost,
but what remains are the news/spool/articles and news/spool/overview
directories. All of the messages are in place and can be called up by
message-ID, but newsreaders are unable to see any of the messages in the
newsgroups prior to the restore, and the active file shows entries like this:

internal.newsgroup.whatever 0000001398 0000001399 y

Storage method is tradspool. I've attempted running ctlinnd renumber, that
exits with "Ok", but doesn't seem to have any effect. The group.index has been

Has anyone a suggestion?

Uh oh. Sounds like the machine is demonically possessed again. Better than no
+messages at all, though!

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