INN 2.3.3 & virtualhost

Bettina Fink laura at
Tue May 21 21:29:20 UTC 2002


I've encountered something strange with INN 2.3.3 & virtualhost:

Someone complained about an article posted by one of my users and
when I was going to check the thread the article in question was
posted in, I came across an unreadable article (unreadable = tin
sits "Reading ('q' to quit)..." until I kill it).

I checked for that article on another server: No problem.

I checked the overview data for that group: Looked ok.

I checked the article with grephistory and sm: No problem.

So I thought it might have something to do with the readers.conf
settings (the client I was connecting from is in an access realm
with "virtualhost: true"). I changed my client into another access
realm without "virtualhost: true" and started tin again: The article
became readable without any problem.

So, what happened?

The article I was going to read (*) contains a complete and un-
quoted copy of the headers of the article posted by my user.

(*) <acebis$ouk14$1 at>

So my wild guess (without having checked any further):

When trying to apply the "display changes" for virtualhost (Path,
Xref etc.), the server some kind of "tripped" over the content of
the article (containing the headers of one of its "own" articles).
Is that possible? Or any other idea what might have happened?

Very weird ...


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