problems with history not staying current

Tim Kennedy tkennedy at
Thu May 30 18:23:01 UTC 2002

Good Afternoon,

I have a problem where new articles are being delivered to my spool
without problems, but readers can't see the new articles until the
history file is manually rebuilt.

inn-2.3.0, on solaris 2.8, receiving a small NNTP feed from the
associated press.

for example, a newsgroup called has the latest article on
disk numbered as 803690.   If I connect to nnrpd and issue a
listgroup, the highest article is 804054.

also, because this is a closed server, we use the newnews command to
determine what content is new, and should be fetched for our content

when the article count falls behind like this, NEWNEWS doesn't report
any new articles, staying consistent with the output from listgroup.

If I delete and manually rebuild the history file using (from the
manpage) `makehistory -b -f history.n -O -l 30000 -I`, and then update
the dbz files with `makedbz -i -f history.n`, NEWNEWS will display new
articles up to the time that the history file was remade.  

Any new articles delivered after the manual update will not be
recognized, however it should be noted that the datestamps on the
~/db/history and ~/db/history.index stay current, and ~/db/history.hash
stays only a few minutes behind.

Now, not being too familiar with INN, I've searched google, and the
mibsoftware site, and haven't found anything very relevant to my

Any ideas?  or things for me too check?  


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