Problems with INN-CURRENT-20021117 on BSD/OS 4.3

Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Nov 17 19:32:12 UTC 2002

Jeffrey M Vinocur <jeff at> writes:

> I cleaned up some warnings while I was at it -- anybody want to explain:

>     cc.c:1764: warning: void format, CHANNEL arg (arg 4)
>     cc.c:1764: warning: void format, CHANNEL arg (arg 5)

> when both arguments are CHANNEL*?  That ought to supertype void*, no?  Yet 
> I had to do this to fix it:

>      if (cp != CCchan) {
>         syslog(L_ERROR, "%s internal CCreader wrong channel 0x%p not 0x%p",
> -           LogName, cp, CCchan);
> +           LogName, (void *)cp, (void *)CCchan);
>         return;

gcc stupidity.  I expect it will likely be fixed in some later release of
the compiler.

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