buffindexed: could not open overview

Sang-yong Suh sysuh at kigam.re.kr
Sat Nov 30 22:07:50 UTC 2002


Is there any solution resolving the "could not open overview" problem
in buffindexed?  I mean other than rebuild the overview.  It takes
too much time.

In my case, I used ctlinnd to rmgroup and then newgroup.
The fix is very fast and acceptable if my users don't care about
the newsgroup.

By the way, I now interested in fixing the problem more rigorously.
Therefore, went to the buffindexed directory, and build a debug,
and run a test to get:

  % ./buffindexed linux.debian.project
  GROUPheader->freelist.recno is 51281(0x0000c851)
  base 303136(0), cur 303136(0), expired at Sun Dec  1 03:39:49 2002

  linux.debian.project: low is 1522, high is 1523, count is 2, flag is 'y'
  ovopensearch failed for group linux.debian.project

And do I have to read/understand all the codes in buffindexed.c?

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