Pb with expiry history files.

christophe.j christophe.j at newel.net
Mon Sep 2 15:30:23 UTC 2002

I have a small problem with  INN 2-2-2
It is the version installed with Red Hat 6.2
I noticed after having installed INN that there was a problem with the
expiry of the articles.

The files of overview were never purged.
The files log either.
Repertories containing the articles either.
The file active resembled that:  misc.test 0000xxxxxx 0000000001 y

As i didn't need the files overview (I use it for a web2news),
I maked a small program to purge the files of overview and the articles.
Until it A can there of time all that gave satisfaction.
But here is that another problem occurred.
The files history and history.pag started to grow bigger and bigger until
causing error messages:
Aug 19 15:34:12 localhost innd: newsfeed.nerim.net:15 cant read Broken pipe
Aug 19 15:34:12 localhost innd: newsfeed.nerim.net:15 cant write Broken pipe

In the urgency, i then truncated the file history (by keeping only the
100.000 last lines).  This method is be satisfaction although i had
thereafter error messages:
Aug 30 17:24:32 localhost innd:  SERVER cant Write

That does not have however affected the correct operation of the server, but
another problem persists:
The continuous file history.pag to grow bigger and i don't know how to stop

Then if you have a solution to resolve this problem properly?

Is this the program news.daily which should deal with that?

I looked in the crontab, I have a line like that:
su - news -c "/usr/bin/news.daily delayrm"

Thank you for your assistance, don't hurt me for my English, but i am French
and it is a difficult exercise for me, if you could answer me with simply

Christophe Juillet

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