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Thu Sep 12 20:13:09 UTC 2002

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Souad <souadh at> wrote:
| Hi 
| I'm using inn 2.3.2 with innfeed , I had a problem with one of my peers , so a big backlog file had been generated by innfeed : peer1.input
| the size of this file did not decrease , so how to process this file  ?
| Did I need to process it manually ?
| When this backlog file will be process by innfeed ?

If you are just looking at the size you may be mislead, since only a
pointer gets updated. I have a perl script (bklog) which gives you more
info. Russ, where would you like me to send/put it? I can put it on a
web server but it really should wind up in contrib, I guess.
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