Overview changes

Kiernan, Alex alexk at demon.net
Wed Sep 18 06:28:31 UTC 2002

Well the stuff with OVSTATICSEARCH has bumped me into action over what I
need as changes in the OV interface.

The thing I really had to fix was performance of NEWNEWS - what I've got now
rocks, but it needs overview changes for me to integrate it cleanly.

I'd like to add another parameter to OVopensearch, date, which when not zero
specifies the lower bound on arrival times which OVsearch will return. Right
now I've just hacked something in which does a binary search to pick the
right start location for ov3, but just doing the simple loop which was in
NEWNEWS will work for overview mechanisms which I haven't really thought

The second one is I'd like to add a direction parameter so I can walk
backwards through with OVsearch (so I get ARThigh first and ARTlow last);
again I think all the mechanisms can easily support this (at least I think I
can see how to do it for buffindexed) - I need this one to allow me to
reduce the high water mark reported by group to allow me to cap the latest
article which will be presented.

The second one I think is definitely a parameter to OVopensearch, but is the
first an alternate interface or a new parameter?

Alex Kiernan, Principal Engineer, Development, THUS plc

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