Fresh install

Rick Reed rreed at
Wed Sep 25 15:50:58 UTC 2002

Okay so I've ditched the RHL rpm and went for the latest tar ball off ISC's 
web site.

I followed the instructions from INSTALL (thank you) and after the point 
where I do "make install" it says

"Do not forget to update your cron entries, and also run
makedbz if you need to.  If this is a first-time installation
a minimal active file has been installed.  You will need to
touch history and run "makedbz -i" to initialize the history
database.  See INSTALL for more information."

Barely knowing how to spell Linux I typed in "touch history" at 
/usr/local/news/inn-2.3.3 still sued as root then typed "makedbz -i" both 
of which simply returned me to my next line.  Was this correct or am I 
missing something completely?

Don't shoot the messenger,
Rick Reed
rreed at

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