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I have a lot of e-mails today, and this question might have been answered,
but ...

Where will you obtain your newsfeeds from?  Do you have peer machines lined
up (i.e. a server admin willing to help you)?

It is not meaningful to talk about configuration files until you know where
your USENET news is coming from.

Let me know ...


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First off, thanks once again for help and patience with me.  I'm going to
have lots of ignorant questions to ask.

Configuring newsfeeds, man this is complicated!  Do I really need to jack
with this file or will it "just work" if I leave it as whatever it was to
begin with?  I have one server right now for my feed and one particular
type (if that's correct) comp.* that I want to pull.  For right now that's
it, and my users will also be posting to it.  Is this the file that I would
need to (gulp) configure for that?

Don't shoot the messenger,
Rick Reed
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