readers.conf ldap auth with mailpost

Jason Cusick jason.cusick at
Fri Sep 27 23:38:40 UTC 2002

I have a standalone news server that has news groups that are
bi-directional with mail aliases.  Recently I installed ldapcheck to do
password authentication via LDAP.  After installing ldapcheck and
changing my readers.conf file to use it everything seemed to be working
fine until mailpost attempted to post an article.  Then I got the
following error:

mailpost failure (misc.test): inews failed: Server doesn't want the
article:  480 Authentication required for command (Article not posted.)

I have been trying different things in readers.conf but I haven't gotten
it working with both ldapcheck and mailpost.  Somehow I have to get it
to not authenticate when posting through mailpost.

Here is what I have when just using ldapcheck:

auth passwords {
  hosts: "*"
  key: "pwd"
  auth: "ldapcheck -s sun-ds"
access passwords {
  key: "pwd"
  newsgroups: "*,!control*,!junk"

What can I add to get mailpost working with the above?

- Jason

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