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divya at divya at
Tue Aug 5 19:10:16 UTC 2003

> divya <divya at> writes:
>> I could not recover the root partition, so I had to build a new root
>> disk and was able to mount the filesystem containing the CNFS Spools.
>> I have managed to reconstruct the config files, but I do not know how
>> to revuild the active file or others so that all the articles stored
>> in the CNFS buffers will be visible without any article numbering
>> issues.
>> What to do? How can I rebuild the active file and other files to
>> recover the system to as close a state as it was before the crash?
> Recovering the active file is unfortunately hard.  I'm not sure of a
> good way to do that.  You can recover the other databases with
> makehistory, and then use ctlinnd renumber to fix the *numbers* in the
> active file, but the list of groups that you carry may need to be
> reconstructed first by hand.


Thanks for the response.

Actually, I have the active file itself with all the groups - we don't
add new newsgroups unless people request them. But the article numbering
is screwed as as is, I suspect, the history database.

So, given an outdated copy of the active file (with only the article
numbering hosed), can I recover my system given just the spools and
the config files.



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