INN 2.4.0 and news2mail ...

Marc G. Fournier scrappy at
Thu Aug 7 08:21:18 UTC 2003

Is anyone actually using it?  From what I can tell, its either broken out
of the box, or I'm seriously screwing something up :(

newsfeeds contains:

pgsql-hackers at! contains:

pgsql-hackers at    pgsql-hackers at

but as soon as I do a 'ctlinnd reload all ""' to activate it, errlog fills
up with:

Execution of /usr/local/news/bin/news2mail aborted due to compilation errors.
Too many arguments for open at /usr/local/news/bin/news2mail line 107, near "@command)"

Line 107 is:

        unless (open(SM, '|-', @command)) {
                syslog('notice', join(' ', '|', @command), 'failed!');
                die "bad $sendmail";

and @command is set as:

        my $sendmail = $inn::mta ;
        $sendmail =~ s!\s*%s!! ;
        my @command = (split (' ', $sendmail), '-ee', '-f<news>', '-odq', @a);

where $inn::mta is set to:

mta:                    "/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -oem %s"

I didn't change mta in my config, so this is all "as installed" ...

So am I overlooking something here, or is nobody actually using the
news2mail scripts? :(

Thanks ...

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