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| sir,
|     Iam faced with the following probs any pointers
| will be greatly appreciated and obliging
| the problem is the articles posted from various users
| has to be deleted say immediately i.e it shoud not be
| viewable from any reader.

My solution for this was to set the postinghost to another machine,
which does nothing but bless or curse the local posts and then submit
them back to the main machine. If you have a devious mind you can do
that on a single server running two copies of inn. I did it as proof of
concept, with the "posting host" listening on the loopback and another
port, but it adds complexity to save the need for a very small machine.

Anyway, that give you an alternative to putting the filtering in nnrpd
(a valid thing to do, of course). Of course if you just don't want to
see user posts you could block posting ;-)

Hint: it's much easier not to really do the post from a user until you
mean it than to try to undo the process later. The cancel process should
be considered advisory.
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