Any reason not to split perl filtering?

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Tue Dec 2 20:52:23 UTC 2003

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Greg Andruk  <gja at> wrote:
| On Dec 2, 2003, at 2:51 AM, bill davidsen wrote:
| > Other news programs do this, but I was actually going to go pthreads. 
| > As
| > long as I use a lock to keep from running more than one at a time and
| > exploring how thread-safe the perl stuff might be, I think I can do 
| > what
| > I need.
| Maybe I'm missing something, but unless the filter is spending a lot of 
| time counting things between articles, isn't this still going to end up 
| running pretty much sequentially?

If I can't make this machine run faster I have to disable filtering
completely. Given that as a choice, it's time to at least try to get
something running in parallel. The single threaded small memory design
is showing its age, going to faster and faster CPUs to use a single
thread design just doesn't scale. And my next target will be the input
logic, big selects suck and the throughput per sockets is poor as well.

I have one more idea, but that one is so odd I'm not ready to even
admit to having such a thought ;-)

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